On Sunday Oct. 14, 2018, the parish gathered for a presentation about the work about to be done on the lighting in the church. The presentation was based on this material provided by the Lighting Committee. This was to prepare the parish for the next parish council meeting. At that meeting parish council made decisions about the lighting project. Here is a summary of that meeting. 

Parish Council met on Tues., Oct. 16th and received reports on music, ministry, Synod 2018 and finance. The main item of discussion was the motion to approve the lighting project as discussed at the Extraordinary Parish Meeting held following the service on Sunday, October 14th. The well attended Sunday meeting showed unanimous support for the project. Parish Council discussed the funding of the project, and in particular, the amount of contingency that should be allocated to the project over and above the $95,000 quoted price. Council passed the motion to approve the project with a contingency of 30%, which values the project at a maximum of $138,000, including taxes. It is of course hoped that the contingency will not be required. Parish Council also endorsed the fund raising plan that was started following the Sunday meeting, recognizing

  1. $138,000 will be a significant depletion of our investments.
  2. There is a need to fundraise to replenish those investments.