Beginning September 6, 2020, Choral Evensong will be happening weekly at 5:30 pm. You will be able to attend either in person or via a livestream through Facebook to our website.

In accordance with our Safety Plan, those wishing to attend Choral Evensong in person must book seats in advance. Details on how to let us know you wish to attend are available on the Bookings page available in the left-hand menu.

To access the livestream on our website, click on the News Alert banner at the top of the page. 


Please note the new time and the following protocols for those who wish to attend in person:

  • Self assess - do not attend if you are showing any sort of symptoms of illness
  • Arrive no more than 10 minutes early
  • Follow direction and protocols from ushers and the safety officer
  • Singers are limited to a small ensemble and placed at distance from congregation.
  • Congregational singing is not permitted. 

As the service is sung by the choir on behalf of those present, one can approach this service as one likes:  there is little requirement for active participation; one may follow along with the prayer of the service, or merely bask in the music and atmosphere.  


A note about language:

In our worship, we use language which is poetic and filled with metaphor and wonder – realising that any language about God is limited. We use some ancient words which may seem odd, or may seem to refer to God as male, or in terms which elsewhere we might not choose to use.

The poetry and the metaphor are there not to restrict or define our understanding of God, but to remind us that our words are never enough to talk about the Divine: instead we use the beauty of the words and music in our worship to help us glimpse just a little of the God beyond all words.


Recordings of previous Choral Evensong services can be found in the News posts below.