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Our community prayer today will be live at noon with Alastair on the St John the Divine Facebook Page - if you can't join us live then the video will be available soon after and will be posted here. 

The order is one written by the late Jim Cotter, priest of the Church of England, from his book Prayer in the Day: A Book of Mysteries, as it is in copyright there is no order to download today, but the opportunity to reflect and pray guided by Jim's inclusive, affirming, and justice oriented liturgy. It is an order that encourages to look inward, in order that we can grow outward. 

Today's Mystery for reflection is one of the 'Mysteries of the Name of Jesus' - the name Jim reflects on today is 'Yeshua - Saviour - Salve' using a passage from the Hebrew Scriptures, the book of Hosea, Chapter 11, verses three and four - which can be found by clicking here (opens an new window)