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Join Erin Kelly, Parish Council member, and David Buckman, Parish Treasurer, for a four-part video conversation about St. John the Divine's finanical situation.  It's serious ... but not fatal! 

The solutions involve all of us and the first step is learning more.

You can watch all of the videos below or find them on our YouTube channel playlist.

Still have more questions?  Don't hesitate to contact David Buckman.

Video One - What is our current financial situation?

(Length: 21 minutes 54 seconds)

Key points:

  • Our current financial situation isn’t hopeless, but it is serious.
  • Watch the next three videos to see what’s possible. 

Video Two -  Current expenses – what are we spending?

(Length: 17 minutes, 28 seconds) 

Key points:

  • To balance our budget, we need to cut some of our expenses. Members of the congregation should think hard about what they are willing to change or let go in order to balance the budget.
  • In addition to cutting, we can also bring in more revenue. But how can a church bring in revenue? Watch the next video for some ideas. 

Video Three - Current sources of income – where do we get our money? 

(Length: 22 minutes, 27 seconds)

Key Points:

  • To balance our budget, we need to bring in more income.
  • Members of the congregation should think hard about what they can do and/or what they are willing to see happen to bring in more income. 

Video Four - The budgeting process and the AGM – what can people do to get involved?

(Length: 19 minutes 53 seconds)


Key Points:

  • The annual budget will be developed by no later than the middle of February 2023; it will be circulated immediately, no later than the middle of February; and it will be voted on at a meeting at the end of February.
  • The time to discuss budget issues is between NOW and January. All members of the congregation should be actively involved in planning, asking questions about, and approving this budget.
  • Parish council decided at its 18 October 2022 monthly meeting to call a Special General Meeting! That SGM is scheduled for NOON ON SUNDAY 8 JANUARY 2023. Come to that meeting to decide which of the first four Recommendations from the Transforming Futures team we should undertake and to plan our finances accordingly. 

Bonus Video - SJD financial systems – looking under the hood 

(Length: 41 minutes, 22 seconds)


Key Points:

  •  There are lots of details and inter-connecting elements of our financial system – but all of those pieces are being managed carefully by a number of different people.
  • Financial information gets shared regularly, and there are lots of chances for members of the congregation to give input directly and indirectly.