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Wouldn’t it be nice for a person living in a shelter to be able to move into their own apartment with that space coming with bedding, kitchen and bathroom goods, plus small living room items?  

That is what this project, through the Cool Aid Society, hopes to provide.  Both SJAG and Parish Council have endorsed this community effort. Since we are providing one complete kit, we need contributors to ‘sign-up’ for specific items (new only) by phoning one of the team members in order to register for that item. Using this system will avoid duplicates.  If you wish to make a cash donation, please drop it off at the Church Office or by mail. Cash donations will be used for bins & unpledged items. 

The updated list of items needed for the kit is available to download below. Please select one or more items that you will pledge to donate by phoning: 

  •  Virginia Miller for items listed in the 1st column 
  •  Merle Wall for the kitchen items in the 2nd column 

Collections of the items will begin on Sunday morning, September 12 and continue from Monday to Friday 9 am to 12 noon until Sunday, October 10.  Please leave items in the Church Office Entry   

With thanks,

Ann Easton,  Virginia Miller,  Merle Wall

Team Members


Photo by Fallon Michael on Unsplash