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Our Diocese has declared this to be the season of Creation. The theology is clear. It is our duty to care for creation. The science is also clear – weather patterns are changing, species are going extinct at unprecedented rates, and our global life support systems are under dire stress.

We need our political and corporate leaders to take the bold steps necessary to protect our planet for future generations. Every day that we don’t act, we are trading our children’s and grandchildren’s futures away.

Young climate strikers are calling on everyone: parents and workers, unions and faith groups, students and environmentalists, and all concerned humans to join in a week of climate justice actions September 20 – 27.

The churches have been asked to ring their bells at 11 am every day this week, for 11 minutes to signify the 11 years the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) tells us we have left to turn things around.

Our plan depends on ordinary people like you listening to the youth, standing up to the decision makers. The youth need your voice, and they need your support. So please, take a look at the calendar of events and think about how you can do your part to stand up for future generations.

We can save this planet, but only if we act courageously, act now, and act together. Visit NOW to find out how YOU can get involved.