Greater Victoria Acting Together (GVAT) is a broad-based diverse organization that builds collaborative relationships among people from various civic institutions, community, ethnic, non-profit and faith-based groups. It is dedicated to strengthening each member organization, developing and empowering leaders in order to grow a healthy and effective civic life.

The idea is to use established principles and collaborative techniques to address the real issues facing the peoples of this region. Its members are committed to building and exercising power equally with each other, developing relationships of mutual respect and dignity and so building a strong community across lines that may have otherwise divided them. 

GVAT has a Board that includes our own Peggy Wilmot as Past Chair.

This Board was responsible for hiring the lead organizer Chet Phillips in 2019.

The GVAT Strategy Hub consists of representatives from all the member organizations and meets twice per month. John McLaren, Interim Chair of our Social Justice and Action Group, is our delegate to the Strat Hub. The Hub plays a central dynamic role as it performs many functions: planning, dissemination and reporting etc. Visitors to the Hub zoom meetings are always welcome!

Other vital groups are the three Action Research teams (ART): Mental Health, Housing, and Climate Change. These teams are working continuously to reach the solutions expressed by GVAT members. They go out into the community to consult with service  providers and other stakeholders. The work consists of interviewing and reporting back for the team's discernment.