As a founding member of Greater Victoria Acting Together (GVAT), an alliance of civil society organizations in the region, various SJAG members are involved in:

  • the governance of the alliance
  • the policy making "Strategic Hub",
  • the work of the Action Research Teams (ARTs), currently considering homelessness and affordable housing, mental health and addiction challenges, and the climate crisis respectively.

St. John's finanically supports GVAT through paying regular membership fees which means all of us are members. Fees from each organization provide funds for a paid organizer, and also for educational leadership workshops. 

Our church is also a source of volunteers to help translate ideas into action! 

Volunteer activities include educational workshops, Hub meetings, ART teams, letter writing campaigns, individual donations for specific projects.

For more ways to get involved, visit or connect with members of SJAG

In 2021, the Blue Envelope for April will also provide an opportunity to financially support the ongoing work of GVAT beyond our membership fees. 

You can also donate directly to GVAT through Canada Helps by choosing Greater Victoria Acting Together (GVAT) from the drop-down fund menu.