The Baptistry

The Baptistry was erected in 1913 by the four sons of Robert Ker, a member of the 1st committee of St. John's church in 1861. 

In 1960, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the parish, a fire destroyed this present building leaving only the brick work. Everything else in this church is new except the three small windows that were protected in the Baptistry. The Baptismal Font is our only material continuing link with the Iron Church. However, the building was completely rebuilt and consecrated again in 1964.

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Baptistry Windows

These 3 windows survived the church fire in 1960. 

The window on the left portrays Jesus. It is dedicated to departed members of the St. John's Women's Guild. 

The window in the center portrays Mary. It is dedicated to George and Elizabeth Fuller. 

The window on the right portrays John the Baptist. It is dedicated to Gilbert and Emily Hawkins.