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Soul Collectives Returns!

Beginning April 22 there will be two sessions, one in person and one online that run for 6 weeks. See poster for time and dates.

Thank you to the participants of our first season, and thank you too for your positive feedback!

Our theme this season will be ‘
Wonder’ We will be using the book ‘Awe, the New Science of Everyday Wonder’ by Dacher Keltner as our companion text. It is not a requirement to have the book to attend a Soul Collective. We will be using it as a guide for our own reflections and any necessary reading will be provided. Having said that, if you would like to read the book or own the book, it is available in our local library, at Munro’s books, and of course on Amazon.

Here is a wonderful interview with Keltner from the On Being podcast which I recommend listening to:

To find out more and to register email or please phone the office at 250-383-7169 and leave a return number.

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