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This coming Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent, the season of preparation in the lead up to our Incarnation Celebrations at Christmas. In the same way that Lent is a time of reflection and prayer in preparation for Christmas, Advent is offered as an opportunity to step back, take stock, pray and reflect leading up to the festival,

Marking the Season with liturgy

We will be observing Advent with the lighting of the Advent Wreath at our 10 am Sunday Eucharist service each week. You are welcome to join us online (livestream, or via zoom by requesting a link here) or in person as we gather and share in worship and Communion.

There will be a special service known as the 'Advent Sequence' on Sunday 28th November at 5.30pm when through readings and music we will be introduced to the themes of Advent and invited to share in marking this season. The service will be led by the Musicians and Choristers of St John the Divine, and will contain beautiful choral pieces, prayers, and a selection of Scripture readings. You can join us either in person for the service, or watch it livestreamed, More details are here.

Marking the Season with study and prayer

You are invited to join in reading the book 'The Music of Eternity' - excerpts from and reflections on the writings of Evelyn Underhill by Robyn Wrigley-Carr. It is the Archbishop of York's Advent Book recommendation, and there are details of online reflections here. It is also the being studied by various Twitter users with the hashtag #AdventBookClub and there is a Facebook Discussion Group that you can ask to join here.As the book is posted from the UK, the only way to get hold of it before Advent would be to download it - that can be done as an ebook, direct from the publisher, Kindle book, or for Kobo, or most ebook retailers. Local bookstores may also have a copy available. 

We hope to have a brief reflection on these daily readings on our St John The Divine Facebook Page.

Marking the Season with Art and Reflection

We will again be offering a Daily Blog throughout Advent with art, poetry, music and other reflections on the theme of Advent Hope - Hope is a traditional theme for the Advent season, and in the uncertain world we live in, an important thing to hold on to. Be sure to come back each day for some Art and Soul.