Sunday Reflections is a opportunity to talk about the sermon, liturgy, music, or anything else that might have cropped up during our worship services, or about Anglican practice and tradition generally.

Often times, one of our clergy will have some questions related to the sermon to get the converstion started, but it's always a surprise to see where our reflections take us.

Currently taking place online in the main Zoom session after the service, while our virtual coffee hour happens in a breakout room. Whether you're attending the service online or in-person, you're invited to join the discussion after the service. 

Sunday Reflections typically wraps up by noon, but you're welcome to stay for as much or little of that time as works for you. If you've attended the morning service in-person, feel free to join the Zoom call once you're home and join in the conversation.


Photo by Faye Cornish on Unsplash