In June 2021, Parish Council approved terms of reference for a Stewardship Committee in response to the ongoing needs of the parish.

The Stewardship Committee is currently composed of:

  • Joan Huzar
  • Terry Needham
  • Barry Salter
  • Lorraine Gates (Assoicate Warden)
  • Alastair Singh-McCollum (Incumbent)

If this is an area where you would like to get involved, please speak to Alastair or Lorraine.

The terms of reference are available to download below.

From the Terms of Reference

The Stewardship Committee recognizes that everything we have (our time, talents, and treasures) belongs to God and that we are called to use these resources for God’s purposes in the world. We also recognize that we are called to share these God-given gifts – we give generously because we have received abundantly.

The Stewardship Committee works to ensure that all these gifts are sufficient to guarantee that the vision outlined in the St. John’s Strategic Plan is being fulfilled.

The Committee commits to accord proper emphasis to stewardship education in the work and life of the parish.

In this capacity, the Committee seeks to inspire and:

  • Encourage and assist parishioners to discover and deploy their spiritual gifts in St. John’s ministries and beyond.
  • To nurture a greater understanding of stewardship.
  • To engage the congregation with respect to our spiritual relationship to the things we own and our use of the earth’s resources.
  • To challenge the St. John’s community to live with respect in creation.

We use as guiding principles our Baptismal Covenant – a framework for personal participation in the mission of God; and the Marks of Mission of the Anglican communion – a framework for faithful corporate participation in that mission.



Photo by Josh Boot on Unsplash