Our readings from Exodus and the Gospel of John express two very radical ideas.  Exodus teaches us that when we treat our neighbors, parents, and strangers with respect, hospitality, and compassion, we are also honoring God.  The Divine commandments are deeply integrated into the human commandments.  In the Gospel of John we learn that in the Temple Jesus tossed the money changers tables to teach us about what was important in our lives.  Jesus wanted the Temple to be a place of worship, not business.  It is also very important to know that Jesus referred to the Temple as his "Father's House."  We we enter our church, we are visiting a place of peace and love amid all of our diversity.  It is like visiting a beloved relative's home for a grand and festive meal.  As we express our love for God in our worship, we also love our neighbors.  In loving our neighbors we are expressing our love for God.  It is a the very root our our faith that we Love God and that we love our neighbor as our selves.