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Throughout the day, you are invited to be in prayer as Synod meets to discern who is being called as the next Bishop of the Islands and Inlets.

The Eucharist led by Archbishop Melissa Skelton at Christ Church Cathedral will be livestreamed beginning at 9:00 am. 

From that same livestream, you'll be able to watch and pray along with the delegates throughout the day as the voting take place.

Ruth McIntosh will also be leading our community in prayer at noon on Facebook


Prayer for Synod

Lord Jesus, 

May your Wisdom be our wisdom;
Your Vision our vision;
Your Will our will:
That we may seek, find, and call one who will Shepherd your people,
Nurture reconciliation,
Love your creation,
And speak Hope to the Church and the World
In Your Name.

written by Herbert O'Driscoll