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In response to conversation and consultation and the request to try some new forms and styles of worship we are beginning a new pattern of worship at St John's.  These changes are mainly midweek, but there is one addition to our Sunday schedule - on the Third Sunday of the month at 6pm we will be having a rotating series of services - Healing Eucharist, LGBTQ+ Safe Space Eucharist, All Age Family Eucharist, Informal Worship Services, and more.  

During the week our Schedule looks like this

Monday 1pm -1.20pm  Garden Eucharist: A short, simple service in our Memorial Garden

Tuesday 12.10pm - 12.50pm Meditative Eucharist: A mainly silent gathering of prayer and reflection culminating in the sharing of Communion. In the Walking Together Chapel.

Wednesday 7.45am-8.30am Midweek Eucharist: A BAS (Book of Alternative Services) Communion with a short sermon, followed by a community breakfast at 8.30am. In the Walking Together Chapel

Thursday 5.30pm - 6.00pm Evening Eucharist: A simple service to allow those with busy days to gather for Communion, followed by soup or simple meal at 6.00pm. In the Denson Lounge of the Parish House.

For access to all of these services, except Mondays, please come in through the main Parish House glass door at the rear of the Church itself in the garden on the North Side of the church.  

This schedule is part of an experiment in our worship provision, and we will be reviewing and reconsidering exactly how these work for our community, feedback is welcome!