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Today we will (soon) begin our Advent online Devotions and we would like to invite you to contribute! 

Our theme, following Father Bill's sermon for Advent Sunday, is 'The God of Small Things', the name is borrowed from Arundhati Roy's powerful novel, but this takes another twist - Father Bill reminded us to look for God in the small things, those things which are the powerful moments that open us to the Divine:

"the smile of a child...the beauty of a tree....the wonder of sunlight upon the water..."

So our invitation to you this Advent is to share with us a small thing which gives you joy, or hope, or wonder, or pause for thought, and/or opens your heart and mind to the Divine. It could be a picture, a piece of art, a piece of music, poetry, prose, a prayer, a piece of Scripture, something you see on your walk each day. Where do you see 'The God of Small Things'?

We would encourage you to submit your items to the Incumbent via email here - you can share with us links to online files, or add a picture. We would recommend that you share the item with a two hundred or so word reflection on why, for you, this says something about 'The God of Small Things'.

We will take care of the posting, and if there's anything more we need will be in touch to discuss with you. If you'd like to know more, or to talk over what you'd like to offer, please email with your phone number and we'll call you at a time that suits. 

Blessings to you on your Advent Journey, and please join us in our shared celebratiion of 'The God of Small Things'