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We invite you to join together in worship in a different way than has been our usual practice.

We have recorded a Maundy Thursday Eucharist which will be available to watch online beginning at 7:30 pm.

Before the service begins, since we are not able to gather this year to share a meal together as a community, we encourage you to take time with your family or on your own to reflect and remember as you prepare and eat your evening meal.

As the service begins, we invite you to light a candle.

During the service, in place of footwashing, there will be washing of each other's hands in household groups. If you wish to participate in this symbollic washing, we invite you to gather a bowl of water and a towel.

You are invited to join in the hymns, responses and prayers marked in bold print. The leaflet can be downloaded so you can join in from home.

Following the service, if you wish to continue your vigil at home, you may want to read Matthew 26:30-46 and Psalm 22.


Presiders: The Reverend Bill Tarter, The Reverend Canon Andrew Gates 
Reader: The Reverend Grant Croswell
Cantor: David Stratkauskas
Gospel: Susan McCabe
Sermon: The Reverend Bill Tarter, Ruth MacIntosh
Intercessor: Susan McCabe


For thoughts on the music that would have formed part of our service, visit David's Music During the Time of COVID-19 blog post.