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Our Prayers today will be live at noon with Alastair on the St John the Divine Facebook Page

The form of Prayer will be taken from Jim Cotter's Prayer in the Day, and includes the opportunity for reflection on an image from Scripture. Today's reflection refers to John Chapter 5 verses 1-15, the healing of a lame man at the pool of Beth-zatha (Bethesda). 

The late Jim Cotter was a priest, poet, and prophet in the Church of England - an activist who challenged the exclusionary and homophobic attitudes of the Church. He gifted the Church with many writings and prayers, and offers in this form of prayer a reflective and thoughtful pause in the day. 

We do love to hear from you and if you have anything for which you would like us to pray, please do get in touch. Likewise if there is any form of prayer you particularly appreciate, do not hesitate to email or comment/connect on Facebook.