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We invite you to join us this month for a livestreamed choral evensong, an opportunity for quiet, reflection and prayer as the month begins.

The service will be livestreamed to our Facebook page beginning at 7:30 pm and will be available to watch below.


Officiant: The Venerable Alastair McCollum
Reader: Stephanie Wood
Music: Choral Scholars of St. John the Divine

The order of service is available to download below.


In our worship we use language which is poetic and filled with metaphor and wonder – realising that any language about God is limited. We use some ancient words which may seem odd, or may seem to refer to God as male, or in terms which elsewhere we might not choose to use. The poetry and the metaphor are there not to restrict or define our understanding of God, but to remind us that our words are never enough to talk about the Divine: instead we use the beauty of the words and music in our worship to help us glimpse just a little of the God beyond all words.