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From the Christ Church Cathedral Website:

The Feast of the Ascension, marked on the fortieth day of Easter, celebrates the Christian belief of Christ's bodily ascension into heaven. Its history dates to the fourth century, and since then, artists and musicians have continued to be captivated by its themes and (often quirky) imagery. Take, for example, the boss at York Minster, which, when observed from the floor, depicts the bottoms of Christ's feet -- the rest of his body is imagined to already have exited through the ceiling!  

Christ Church Cathedral will offer Choral Evensong (sung by the Young Choristers) at 5pm today, with music by George Dyson, Barry Rose, and Malcolm Archer. In keeping with our tradition of collaborating with the Church of St John the Divine on this feast, The Venerable Alastair McCollum-Singh will preach.

The service will be livestreamed at 5pm on Ascension Day, Thursday 13th May, via the Cathedral Website

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Live stream available at 5pm here