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As you may have seen elsewhere (like here), we have begun our Lenten journey with a blog which will share a poem a day through this season. We've done this before for Advent, and have shared poetry as part of our Art and Soul Journeys through Lent time. 

We want to invite you to participate in this journey with us - and there are two ways which you can choose to go.

One - you send us a poem which we can share (you are welcome to say a few words about why you appreciate that particular poem if you wish, or just share a favourite poem with some kind of reflective/spiritual theme or feel to it.) 

Two - you write a poem, short or long, on the broad theme of spirituality, or Lent, or faith, or whatever fits your own spiritual journey. You can also share why you wrote that particular poem, if you wish.  Contributions can be emailed here.

Otherwise, we will continue to bring you a poem a day through this holy season. A blessed Lent to you, and as some Jews say at the start of Yom Kippur - may you have an easy fast.