We are blessed by our diverse group of primary suppliers and our supporters.

We receive donated bread from Wildfire Bakery and Cobs Bread. 

For Good Measure provides, at wholesale cost, some of our dried seeds and grains and all of our peanut butter. The Canadian Wholesale Club continues to be our supplier for most staple items. We take advantage of sales at grocery outlets.

We receive a steady stream of wonderful food donations from the Salvation Army, which includes frozen meats and treats. They share this food with many of the local food banks and we are grateful to be included.

Finally, we are members of the Food Rescue Project, organized by the Food Share Network. As a result, in early 2017, we started to see rescued fruit and vegetables coming our way from Thrifty Foods.

Almost sixty percent of our operational funding comes from the parishioners of St. John’s through donations. The remaining support comes from fundraising efforts and from the wider community.