St. John's has a long history of and continues to have a strong commitment to a vibrant and diverse Social Justice and Action ministry.

At various times this has involved: work with development programs in Brazil and Vanuatu; support for the Nis'ga'a in their drive for a treaty and for Aboriginal Neighbours; involvement in a campaign against Nestle's baby formula propaganda.   

A constant has been participation in refugee sponsorship and, over close to 40 years support for families and individuals originally from: Vietnam, China, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Myanmar/Burma, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan (since 2015 in conjunction with First Metropolitan United Church).  

More recently our efforts have been in the fields of food security (the Food Bank and Alliance Cooking); reconciliation with our Indigenous sisters and brothers; nightly shelter for youth on the streets; support for the Primate's World Relief and Development Fund, Amnesty International and Kairos; and initiatives with other civil society organizations in the greater Victoria area to advocate for social justice and action causes to serve the most vulnerable and the welfare of the biosphere in this region.


Artwork: Gifted to St. John's as a thank you for donating the cost of a salmon for a feast at VIRCC. Artist asked to remain anonymous.