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We live in interesting, though turbulent, times. A Covid resurgence, unmarked residential-school graves, the Taliban's return to Kabul, a wave of intolerance, growing inequality, a Haitian earthquake, and now, a controversial Federal election. The most alarming news came in the form of back-to-back reports from the IPCC and NOAA in August. From them, we learned that atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations haven't been this high in 800,000 years and global sea levels have surpassed all previously recorded heights! Add to this 2020 heat domes, wild-fires, drought and wild-weather conditions in Canada, and it comes as no surprise that we have opted to prioritize the CLIMATE CRISIS in LJR.

Other key issues examined through a Christian, social justice lens are: Reconciliation with First Nations, the Israel-Palestine Conflict and LGBTQ Rights. Two special articles are written by St. John's own parishoners -- John Thatamanil and Sara Chu. Also, we include a tribute to the "Great Warrior" Mavis Gillie(who passed away Mar. 28) and a Diocesan Post article about Karen Coverett.

As is our custom, we have chosen incisive theological reflections and provocative poems/stories that ask (and hopefully answer) important questions about the life of the spirit in uncertain times. Our hope is that you will find selections in this issue that are both thought-provoking and faith-challenging. I am indebted to Karyn Lehmann, Carol Ann Zenger, Sara Chu and Karen Coverett for their diverse skills in the production, roll-out and dissemination of this our fall LJR#lS newsletter.



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