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The picture on our cover page is taken from a 1911 poster in which the U.S. Dept. of the Interior offers "Indian Land for Sale". Such advertisements helped perpetuate the idea that "uninhabited/unused" land was cheaply and readily available to prospective American settlers. Canada's own promotion of white/settler migration to vacant farmland on the Prairies was similar, beginning in the late 19th century. This poster frames our main theme for LJR#13 -- Reconciliation with First Nations! The feature article, by Elaine Enns, a Canadian historian, tells the story of how her Mennonite family, violently displaced from their farmlands during the Russian revolution, eventually resettled on the traditional lands of the Cree in Saskatchewan. Enns' "alternate settler voice" is truly powerful! (See p. 9-11.) Other articles in this issue will hopefully help St. John's readers to better appreciate Canadian land claim struggles and the on-going quest for justice by aboriginal people globally. The Sinclair, Betasamosake, Mills and Hancock contributions, along with a unique poem and song of apology, will serve to reinforce the importance of persevering on the road to reconciliation in our Victoria parish.  

If we Protestants had saints, Dietrich Bonhoeffer would surely top the list! St. John's congregants -- Pat Payne and David Buckman -- have collaborated to bring us some insights into the intriguing life of this 20th century giant of the faith in their review of Eric Metaxas' book - "Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy". Sara Chu's review of a new book on climate justice by Seth Kline, entitled: "A Good War", initiates a deeper discussion on climate justice. LJR#13 also highlights other topics, including COVID-19 recovery and faith and violence (precipitated by the US election and Capitol assault).  Last, but not least, incisive reflections by Fr. Richard Rohr book-end this Lenten Issue #13. Again, we are in debt to Karyn Lehmann, Carol-Ann Zenger, and Karen Coverett for LJR's roll-out and dissemination.

Murray Luft, Editor


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