With the positive feedback regarding our experimental on-line edition of "Pandemic Issue #9" in May, we are opting for a second electronic version of LJR, this time illuminating "Racism/Black Lives Matter #10. In this issue, we explore the complex and disturbing events which have captivated the news cycle for the past month or more, both in the United States and Canada. To balance the predominant U.S. perspective, we have attempted to incorporate some aspects of racial injustice from our Canadian context — showing that systemic discrimination against our First Nations brothers and sisters, as well as against Black people and other racial minorities, is a stark reality in this country too.

We have framed Issue #10 with a piece about Rev. Bob MacRae, former rector of St. John's, who some time ago established our distinct "St. John's social justice culture". We also highly recommend the profound personal account of life in a mixed-race family, provided by one of our own congregants Diana MacDonald. And, Rev. Martin Brokenleg's powerful article on National Indigenous Day is not to be missed. LJR #10 has benefited from the excellent interview, research and editing skills of Sara Chu and Karyn Lehmann, both members of our parish Social Justice and Action Group (SJAG). During this period of great fear, uncertainty, and both figurative and literal separation, we must recommit ourselves to fighting together for the well-being of our communities and against all forms of violence and injustice.

Murray Luft, Editor


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Photo Credit: Clay Banks on Unsplash