Parish Council Documents

Church Building Development Group 2016 Report

The Church Building Development Group explored possible changes to the church building and the basement in light of the evolution of the mission, worship and functions
of the parish. This did not include the Parish House, nor the extended property around the church. The intention is to provide a cohesive vision and plan for the longer term development of the church building as it serves the ongoing life of the church community.

The Report

  1. Summary
  2. Complete Report
  3. Appendix A
  4. Appendix B
  5. Appendix C is not currently available
  6. Appendix D is made up of the drawings below. Notes for the drawings are in the Complete Report  (section 8, page 11). 
  7. Appendix E 

 SJD-01 Main floor level existing 

SJD-02 Main floor level extended chancel

 SJD-03 Main floor levelled nave

 SJD-04 Main floor corridor rework

 SJD-05 Main floor N entry paved

 SJD-11 Basement Plan existing

 SJD-12 Basement Plan interior ramp

 SJD-13 Basement Plan improvements

 SJD-14 Basement Plan incl new stairs and elevator