Operational Policies

St. John’s Staff Values

We are a spiritual community called into being by God.

We are a community that commits to know God through prayer, reflection, simplicity and silence.

We value fairness and honesty with one another.

We value collaborating with one another.

We value our feelings and the feelings of others and acknowledge responsibility for our own feelings.

We are concerned about, and not responsible for, how other people feel.

We value and respect the leadership roles of each team member and support and acknowledge the leadership responsibilities, vision and direction of the Rector.

We value and affirm the life experiences, skills, knowledge and commitment that each team member brings.

We value and are responsible for physical, spiritual and relational balance in our lives.

We are committed to behaviours that foster personal and professional growth.

We value ongoing personal and professional development and growth.

We will honour the successes of individuals and of the team.