Operational Policies

2.01 Access to Office Policy

The parish front office contains confidential information. It is also an active working environment and must be an efficient working space for those working there. This policy applies to office access during office hours.

The following have unrestricted office access during office hours. 

  1. Staff, contractors, and wardens of St. John’s Church,
  2. Volunteers with front desk responsibilities,
  3. Data entry clerk for Power Church givings co-ordinator,
  4. The person responsible for preparing the weekly offerings bank deposit.

The following may be given occasional access to the office by any of the people list above.

  1. Those who need access to the photocopier or printer
  2. Tradespeople and utilities or maintenance workers to perform their duties
  3. Authorised volunteers who need to get keys during the week to perform their duties outside of office hours.

All others must obtain permission from the rector (or warden in his or her absence) to enter the parish front office.