Operational Policies

1.04 Email Etiquette

  1. Make the subject line as clear as possible.
  3. Avoid overly complicated emails. Shorter is better. One subject/ask is ideal. If there are 2 items, send a second message.
  4. Action should be for one person only unless you expect everyone receiving the email to do something simultaneously.
  5. Read your email assuming it’s going public. Are you okay with that?
  6. Check email addresses - watch for bounced emails. Don’t assume someone has received an important email unless you have checked.
  7. If you feel something is unclear pick up the phone. Don’t try to clarify with an email.
  8. Some things are better in person. Confirm with an email.
  9. If it’s an official email going externally, talk it through with someone else.
  10. Never email when you are tired or angry.
  11. Reply to an email to acknowledge receipt - just “received” is sufficient.