This method allows the Diocese to withdraw a specified amount of money from your bank account at the frequency you specify and credit it to St. John’s account. This option is easy once set up. The best way to make this option work is to do the following.

If you have not already done so via the annual pledge card, send a short letter to the envelope secretary. State that you would like the church to take money out of your bank account on a regular basis. Include the following in your letter:

  1. How often and when you want the money taken from your bank account. Choices include
    1. Once per month near the middle of the month, or
    2. Once per month at the end of the month, or
    3. Twice per month
  2. How much to withdraw each time.
  3. A “Void” cheque for the bank account from which the money will come
  4. The signature of the owner of the bank account. If it is a joint bank account, both account holders must sign the letter.

The donation will be recorded and tracked in a secure computer program with limited access. Only the envelope secretary, his or her assistant, and the parish administrator have access. Early in next year, you will receive a donations receipt. This receipt shows the total you donated to St. John’s during this year and, if applicable, lists the different funds to which you donated. If no funds are specified, your donations go into general funds.

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