This method allows you to donate cash or cheques to the Church for an undefined amount at any frequency. You can place the cash or a cheque into the collection plate at any Church service.

All numbered envelope holders who have donated more than $10 in the year will automatically receive a tax receipt. If you are a visitor, or do not have an envelope number, you may put your offering into a guest envelope found in the pews. To receive a donation receipt, be sure to include a complete postal address. This is a requirement of Revenue Canada. A receipt will be issued in February of the following year.

To receive a donation receipt from the Church:

  1. Contact the Church office (250-383-7169 or use the form below) and ask to be assigned envelopes. You will be assigned a unique envelope number and be supplied with envelopes.
  2. Cash or cheques are to be placed in the in the offering envelope and given to the church, either on the collection place or dropped off (or mailed) at the office. The donation will be recorded and the cash/cheque deposited. All envelope deposits are made on a weekly basis and tracked in a secure computer programme with limited access.
  3. Only the Envelope Secretary (issuer of donation receipts), his/her assistant and the Parish Administrator have access to the Contributions module of the software programme which tracks parish documentation.
  4. Early into next year the Church will provide you with a “donations receipt”. This receipt shows the total amount of money you donated to the Church during this year and, if applicable, list out the different funds to which you may have donated. If no funds are specified on your donations, then they will automatically go into general funds.

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