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Yesterday at Parish Council the Transforming Futures Team (affectionately known as 'Transformers') presented to us the preliminary findings of their long process of consulation with our own community and the surrounding communities in the form of what they have called 'The High-Level Summary'. This initial document is offered as the first stage of their report which will inform and shape the life of our community and will be basis of any ongoing work of parish development and engagement. 

There is still work to be done, refining recommendations and editing, but this document, which can be downloaded by clicking here: Transformers High Level Summary, is now offered to all of us to begin thinking about what we want to do and to be as a community. 

I recommend that you read the document and reflect on in for a while, there's much to consider here - when you have had some time to sit with the report, please consider which of these you feel that we should be focussing on, perhaps two or three of the items to start working on first and send feedback to the team by clicking here: Transforming Futures Team.

Here is the cover note I sent out with this initial report to all of our Parish Council:

Dear Friends,

It is a joy and a privilege to be able to share with you the ‘high level’ summary of the work of the Transformers (our Transforming Futures Team). They have consulted with many (over a hundred) members of our parish community, and with groups and individuals beyond our church. Their careful listening and sifting of what they heard has now been distilled into the fourteen points, fourteen recommendations, attached, which we will discuss at our next Parish Council Meeting on 21st June.

I believe this document offers a clear vision of where we are at this time, and where we could go if we all work together. There are things we might want to apply immediately, there are things to think about further. There are aspects that will require substantial fundraising, and others we could implement with little or no cost. I encourage you to read the report carefully, with an open mind and open heart, and to begin the process of considering what the priorities from these recommendations are, what we can start to work on immediately, what needs longer term planning, and how we, as the Parish Council, will seek to have these recommendations implemented.

The document will be presented and discussed at our next PC meeting, at which this will be our focus. Other reports will be presented in written format with opportunity for questions of clarification but we hope to keep this brief. The purpose of spending our time on this document will be to start the process of deciding whether and how we as Parish Council can get behind these recommendations, so please come ready to discuss, and keep your options open until we have had opportunity to listen to the team and one another.

I do believe that when we unite behind a project such as this we will indeed be entering into a season of renewal. Let us prayerfully consider how we might work together to achieve this.

Lastly, and certainly not least, I want to offer my grateful thanks to the Team - Joel Hefty and Bill Huzar (co-chairs), Susan Bansgrove, Wendy Suddaby, Graeme Brown, Karyn Lehmann, and John McLaren for the mammoth task they have undertaken and the hard work they have put into consultation and reporting, and for the clarity of the attached recommendations. Thank you.

I look forward to our discussions on Tuesday June 21st

Yours with thanks for our partnership in the Gospel,