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Dear Members of the Church of St. John the Divine,

Thank you so much for your ongoing contributions to our project in Sierra Leone! We are grateful for your 2020 donation of $1,177, unexpected in a COVID year! This has brought your total donations to the mothers and children of Taiama to $17,732 since 2011!

Your donation has continued to support our Maternal Health Program in Taiama, Sierra Leone. While births at the centre were down because of access problems with lockdowns in the community and women’s reluctance to go to a health centre during COVID, health centre staff kept the birthing centre open for 24 births (down from 48 in 2019) and were able to increase the nutritional program for babies ages 6 months to 2 years from once a month to twice a month. They are waiting for COVID to settle down to begin an outreach program to a nearby smaller village which will focus on offering services to young mothers who often do not seek pre and post natal support. This group of mothers under the age of 19 represent 50% of the maternal deaths in a country where 1 out 17 mothers still die with birth related complications. (A pregnant 15-year-old girl has three times the chance of dying during childbirth than a pregnant 22-year-old woman.)

Thank you again for your ongoing support of this project. We continue to rely on your generous contributions. Since 2011 we have counted on your annual donation to support our Health Centre and you continue to make a huge difference in the lives of the people of Taiama, Sierra Leone!


Maureen Mark
Chair, The Victoria-Taiama Partnership