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To begin these reflections, I am going to use a quote from the book of the same name as our reflections. It's only a short quote - and that's why I am sharing it, because in these few words there is something that gives me hope. It's because it both reminds me of my brief trip to India (as COVID-19 broke out!) and that we have those moments in every day which can life the heart... and a good writer (like Arundhati Roy) can show us that in few words! 

“He held his mundu spread above his head to dry. The wind lifted it like a sail. He was suddenly happy. Things will get worse he thought to himself. Then better. He was walking swiftly now, towards the Heart of Darkness. As lonely as a wolf.
The God of Loss.
The God of Small Things.
Naked but for his nail varnish.” (The God of Small Things p274)


                                                                                                       Alastair Singh-McCollum, Incumbent