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God's beauty can be found in music and dance - especially when we open ourselves to new ways of experiencing the way different cultures in the world express these things. One of the ways I have engaged with and found the God of Small things is in those moments where something new has inspired and uplifted me - and that's exactly the case with this song and the dance that accompanies it. I've shared it many times on social media because of its beauty. It's a cover of a Bollywood hit by the prolific songwriter A R Rahman, and roughly translated the title means 'From the Heart' or "From the Core" 

A beautiful song, and a beautiful dance to accompany, courtesy of Benny Dayal with Bryden and Parth, and Rukmini Vijayakumar

"Let them praise God's name with dancing.
    Let them make music to God with tambourines and lyres" Psalm 149.3


                                                                                           Alastair Singh-McCollum