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As I was wishing on Saturday for more daylight with how dark the days are as we lead up to the winter solstice, I was reminded of a poem I wrote in 2012 on the summer solstice. I offered on Sunday afternoon to share it for today's blog post. 

Then, listening during choral evensong on Sunday, I realized why I am always transfixed by the opening line of the third collect:

Lighten our darkness, we beseech thee, O Lord ...

Light in the midst of darkness ... that's always been one of the places where I encounter the Creator.

More Light than Darkness

once i knew everything
i needed to know
about the source of light and love

then i would have been
bewildered by those
who paused to celebrate
the solstice, summer or winter

today i sat in silence
with my face turned
toward the sun
and simply breathed

now i have more questions
than answers
but this i know for certain

more hope than doubt
more love than fear
more trust than cynicism
more peace than hate
more acceptance than despair
more grace than judgment
more light than darkness

that is worth breathing in
that is worth celebrating
no matter how you
understand the source

Happy Solstice!