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Glimpses of God

Glimpses of God in gold autumnal trees,
Now rustling in cool equinoctial breeze;
In the friendly face of humanity,
Brave spirits battling ‘gainst adversity;
Or the trusting glance of a small child’s eyes,
Looking with love upon parents so wise –
Just a glimpse this side of eternity,
Bringing hope in all our fragility.

From user 'Babs The Bard'

For Lent 2023 we are hoping, as has become our custom, to offer daily thoughts on our Blog. This year, however, we would like to do something a little different. 

We would like to invite members of our community - near and far, whether you attend our services and events or not, now matter how you are connected to St John's - to offer their own reflections on places, spaces, events, words, poetry, music, dance, wherever you have had a sense of 'The Divine', or if you prefer 'The Transcendent', or 'The Beyond', or in Academic Rudolph Otto's phrase 'The Numinous'. 

The Format

Each post would only need to be up to 400 words, and may be accompanied by a video, poem, picture or similar. If you wish, a Bible verse/Psalm/Passage for reflection can be included - chosen either by the editor (Alastair) or by yourself.

To volunteer, or to ask questions, please email Alastair,

The blog will run from Wednesday February 22nd (Ash Wednesday) through Easter Day April 9th) - 47 days in total.