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Here is one of our MacRae Choral Scholars, Kyla Fradette, singing a soloist-and-organ only version of This Joyful Eastertide. This 'chestnut' gets sung nearly every Eastertide; this year's season may seem less joyful than some, but, it invites us to look at things from two sides.

"My flesh in hope shall rest, and for a season slumber: till trump from east to west, shall wake the dead in number."

Sin and sorrow are all around and always will be; but Easter bids them be gone, again and again.

The Gospel today (Luke 24:13-35) includes the moment when Jesus is recognised by his followers only when he sat at table with them, and broke bread, blessed it, and gave it to them. The resonances with the Eucharist are obvious, and strong; music for today would normally include a Eucharistic motet such as O sacrum convivium; indeed, the appointed psalm for today (Psalm 116) is the same as that of Maundy Thursday.

Trying to find a hymn that fits our own peculiar time, when we are not allowed to celebrate the Eucharist, is challenging.

We will be singing CP64 'Author of Life Divine' at the Zoom Service. Both the hymn and the psalm are here: