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'Alleluia! sing to Jesus', to the great tune HYFRYDOL, is one of those hymns that are referred to as 'grand old hymns of the church', and not without good reason. This is one of a handful of quintessential Anglican favourites; notwithstanding arguments within the Anglican church over things essential and nonessential--points of theology, and styles of worship, and things related to neither of those--you can guarantee everyone will stop their bickering and burst into song instead by striking up the introduction to this hymn.

Though rightly considered a Eucharistic hymn, the most appropriate time to sing it is now in Ascensiontide: the references include being left 'not as orphans' and 'though the cloud from sight received him, when the forty days were over'.

Here is Soile singing it, alone with the relatively gently-registered Casavant organ. I look forward to raising the roof with a full congregation belting this out to the full organ sometime in the future!