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Excerpt from Declaration of Intent

Let the colonial borders be seen for the pretensions they are
I hereby honour what the flow of water teaches us
the beauty of enough, the path of peace to be savoured
before the extremes of drought and flood overwhelm the careless

I hereby invoke fluid wisdom to guide us through the muck
I will apprentice myself to creeks and tributaries, groundwater and glaciers
Listen for the salty pulse within, the blood that recognises marine ancestry
In its chemical composition and intuitive pull
I will learn through immersion, flotation and transformation As water expands and contracts,
I will fit myself into its ever changing dimensions
Molecular and spectacular water will return what we give it, be that
Arrogance and poison, reverence and light, ambivalence and respect
Let our societies be revived as watersheds  

                                                            Rita Wong (2015)

– as quoted by Denise M Nadeau in Watershed Discipleship (2019)