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Today's Picture and reflection were created and shared with us by Artist and member of the St John's community - Sara Chu. 

She writes

 It was the anxious time just after the November floods in BC’s interior.  Gasoline was rationed.  My friend was very anxious, driving through wind and rain in the dark to a gas station in hopes of filling a container of gas for her generator.  She was getting confusing instructions and was feeling very tense, when suddenly a man offered to help.  He seemed very kind and said he did this all the time because he lived in a camper van.  They got into conversation and had an instant rapport.  The job got done.  Meanwhile the man mentioned that he now lived alone since the recent death of his teenage child.  My friend felt intensely sad in the midst of her gratitude.  It was a surprising moment of deep connection.  Later she told me she wondered if she had met an angel.  I wondered if she had been an angel for him.  

I have decided to create a pocketful of tiny embroidered angels to carry with me.  So when I have a moment of deep connection with a stranger, I can give one to him or her.