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Our artwork for today is from Judith Tutin and is entitled 'Nativity' Judith writes:

My work explores sources of light, both real and spiritual, elemental textures and evocative silhouettes. I work in oil paint and Cyanotype photography. I aim to create a visual experience that evokes a contemplative mood and awareness of the transcendent. I am greatly influenced by the history of art in the Catholic tradition and I have travelled extensively in Italy. My explorations sit between abstract and semi-abstract, sometimes referencing traditional religious poses but with the colour and methods of 20th century abstraction.

I am a visual artist from Wexford, Ireland, living and working in Cornwall, UK.

Judith's Website can be found here:

The blog at 'the Jesus Question' includes this artwork in their 'Seven Contemporary Christian Artists' and reflects:

In Tutin’s Nativity, Mary adores the newborn Christ Child, lying in a manger, as does an angel (or God the Father?) from above. The linear orange strokes that cut down the center, and across, demarcate the corner of the room, but they also—with their cruciform shape—forebode Jesus’s death.