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Regular Worship Schedule

Each Sunday at St. John’s there are two main services of worship, each with its own distinct character. Be sure to arrive about 15 minutes before the service starting time. It does not matter what you wear, but most people where long pants and open shirts. 

8 AM Sunday Communion

At 8:00 a.m. a congregation of about 20 people gathers for a half-hour service using the Book of Common Prayer. This service is a traditional communion service, with a very brief homily, characterized by a quiet and meditative atmosphere.

10 AM Sunday Eucharist

The largest regular service begins at 10:00 AM on Sundays where about 200 people gather with children using the contemporary language of the Book of Alternative Services. The service lasts just over one hour, with sermon and choir. There is a full children’s program, including nursery. We begin with the children joining the procession at the start of the service. The children continue to their classes. The adults stay in the church. The children return to the church for communion. All people are welcome to receive communion.

The traditional Book of Common Prayer liturgy is used from time to time at this service. Call the church office at (250) 383-7169 for specific information, or check the calendar.

Wednesday Morning Communion & Breakfast

Every Wednesday at 7:45 a.m. about 20 people attend a half-hour contemporary-language communion service, with a brief homily but without music. This service is followed by a hot breakfast enlivened by animated conversations about contemporary issues.

Thursday Meditation Eucharist

Every Thursday at 12:10 there is a meditation Eucharist in the chapel. This service is full of quiet and contains substantial times for silent meditation in the context of a Eucharist which uses the minimum of words. The service is held in the chapel and concludes by 12.50 pm.

Choral Evensong

On the Second Sunday of each month at 8pm–a 40-minute contemplative service of choral music, chant, readings, and prayer, based on language taken from the Book of Common Prayer.