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Deep Time

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We are approaching Advent.  It’s a much mistunderstood time of the Christian year, the beginning of the cycle of retelling the Christian Story which the Church undertakes each year.  Advent Sunday is our ‘new year’.  The main theme of Advent is one of waiting - not of a passive hanging about, but an active and open waiting.  A waiting that is charged with anticipation, a waiting that is listening, a waiting that involves prepartion, action, working and excitement and depth.

November. Remembering Month.

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Though Remembrance Day is at the centre of the month, the whole of November is dedicated to ‘remembering’.

We will be doing a lot of remembering over the weeks of this month, as seems fitting for the last month of the Church year.  This goes hand in hand with our observance of Remembrance itself and with our annual Stewardship campaign, as we remember all God has given us in our own lives and in this community of the church.

So here’s what will be happening:


The wonder of love and the power of grace

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The title of this post is the line of this song that resonates with me.

This is how I hope our church will be, a gathering place for all.

And, to quote one of our congregation, that we may be a people that open ourselves to being “flawed, fallible- and deeply faithful!” That’s my hope for the Church!

Exploring Glasgow - Part One

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Dawn comes early in Glasgow, and due to the effects of jet lag, some of us experience it first-hand. Fortunately, the previous 36 or so makes it easy to go back to sleep. Gradually through the morning, the sounds of life start to rustle along the hall as people stir and drag themselves through a new morning routine.


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