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St. John's Book Club

St. John’s Book Club meets on the third Monday of most months at 1:30 pm in the Denson Lounge. Check the calendar though or contact Mary. We discuss a book which has been chosen by all the members. The format is very informal - the sharing of questions, opinions or reactions about the plot, characters, author or writing style. The list of books to be read is selected by the members themselves. There is one stipulation - a book cannot be proposed unless it has been read by the person suggesting it.

The contact person is Mary Alford. Contact her through the church office (250) 383-7169.

This club is different from the Book Study Group, which studies non-fiction. 

Events in series

See the following links for information specific to each event in the St. John&;s Book Club series, including recordings and related links, as they become available: