Update: April 3, 2022

We are fully subscribed!

Thank you for your generous pledges. 

We will be in contact with those who have pledged once we know whether our grant request has been approved.


In order to allow us to continue to grow as a parish, sometimes there are large projects that need dedicated fundraising. Recent project have included: the chapel refurbishment, the lighting upgrade, the livestream - AV upgrade, and the organ renovation project (still ongoing, but funded)

Pledge Campaign for New Flooring in the Lower Hall

We are taking advantage of the possibility of a grant from the Anglican Foundation to seek pledges in the amount of $5,168 to enable us to install new flooring (if we get the grant) in the Lower Hall (formerly known as the Crypt).

We are asking for pledges rather than money in case the grant does not come through, we would just cancel the pledge, rather than having to refund the money.

The pledge form is available to download below.

If you are able to contribute, please return the completed form to the office or put it on the collection plate.

Many thanks for those who have already pledged, and to those who might consider doing so.

For questions about this project or making a pledge, please contact Joan Huzar, People's Warden.