In order to allow us to continue to grow as a parish, sometimes there are large projects that need dedicated fundraising. Recent project have included: the chapel refurbishment, the lighting upgrade and the organ renovation project (still ongoing, but funded).

Livestream - AV Upgrade Project

As we move towards Stage 4 of the BC Re-opening Plan, and open the church building for public gartherings for worship beginning July 18, 2021, though still with limited numbers, we have been thinking about how we continue our Live Stream-Zoom hybrid beyond the pandemic 

While we are excited (and maybe nervous) about being face-to-face without a screen in between, we also don’t want to lose the connections established in our Zoom church meetings over the past year.   Being able to be accessible to people who could not otherwise come to church, because of physical or geographic limitations has become part of the way we live out our commitment to being an inclusive community and we want to see that continue.  We are blessed to have a small team consisting of Karen Coverett (the face of Zoom since early 2020!), David Stratkauskas (our very talented and productive Music Director) and Ryan Qu (Summer Student with specialist skills hired to give David and Karen a break and plan the future) to work on this. 

Parish Council, at a special meeting last Tuesday, 13th July, approved the concept of upgrading our AV equipment to allow our Live Stream-Zoom hybrid to continue more effectively, while also having larger numbers in Church. 

However, since this is an unbudgeted item, this approval was conditional on raising the funds for this project ($18,900) prior to completion – Council Members have already been pledging their financial support as they are able. 

We ask you to use as the donation/pledge form available to download below) as you consider how much you are prepared to donate now, or pledge to give by 30th September, to support this project to its completion. 

You can also donate directly to the project by selecting Fund 9 - Livestreaming AV Upgrade Project on Canada Helps. 

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