8am Holy Communion

The 8am Holy communion is a quiet, spoken service, using the words of the 1662 Prayer Book. A shorter version of the 10am sermon is offered, and the whole service usually lasts about 45 minutes.

10am Parish Eucharist

‘Eucharist’ is synonymous with Holy Communion, Lord’s Supper, or Mass, and is the ritual sharing of bread and wine that has been at the heart of Christian Worship for nearly two millenia.

The Parish Eucharist is the principal weekly service at St. John’s, attended by upwards of 150 people, and includes a sermon, congregational music led by our magnificent pipe organ, and choral music sung by one of our choirs, drawing on the sacred repertoire of the past 500 years and beyond.

This service lasts for an hour and fifteen minutes or a bit more, depending on the choice of music and the day’s sermon. Most Sundays there is coffee afterwards in the Baumann Centre, as well as an opportunity to discuss any aspects of the sermon or service with a member of the clergy in the ‘Sunday Reflections’.

At St John’s we believe all are welcome at Christ’s table; everyone is invited to receive communion.

7.30pm Evensong

Choral Evensong is uniquely characteristic of the Anglican Church, and is based on even more ancient sung monastic services dating back to the early days of the Christian Church. The service is nearly entirely couched in music, with the choir and organ offering psalms, canticles, responses, and an –the final prayers, creed, and two short biblical readings are the only parts which are spoken, rather than sung. We are invited to join our prayers to the choir’s, and to join our voices in the singing of several hymns, or to just allow the music and sacred space speak to us in whatever way we find most effective.

This service typically lasts about 40 minutes.

Midweek Services

7.45am Wednesdays

Holy Communion followed by breakfast.

2.10pm Thursdays.

Meditative Eucharist