JANUARY Street Hope

Street Hope Victoria is a volunteer-driven Christian organization that builds personal relationships with people who face multiple barriers and marginalization and encourages them to seek wholeness in all aspects of their lives. Street Hope operates out of a motor home, which is parked in downtown Victoria on a couple of weekday evenings. Volunteers welcome people into the motor home and serve them homemade soup, sandwiches, hot chocolate, juice, cookies and fruit. We feed hungry people, provide essentials such as warm clothing and toiletries, establish and nurture meaningful connections with folks, and encourage them towards healing in their lives.

Website: www.thresholdministries.ca/on-the-street/street-hope-victoria

FEBRUARY Food Bank at St. John’s & Alliance Club

The Food Bank at St. John’s provides staple food items to those in need in our community.

The Alliance Club is a drop-in centre for youth on the street. Volunteers from St. John’s and the larger community purchase supplies and cook several large casseroles monthly for the Alliance Club.


Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) was established by the Anglican General Synod of Canada in 1959. The name reflects the agency’s main program focus and philosophy. PWRDF provides for long-term development needs connected to most of the suffering caused by natural or human-provoked disasters.

Tel: 416 924 9192
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.pwrdf.org

APRIL Sisterhood of St John the Divine

The Sisterhood of St. John the Divine is a contemporary expression of the religious life for women within the Anglican Church of Canada. In our diocese, the sisters provide a house of prayer, hospitality and worship at St. John’s House in Victoria.

Tel: 250 920 7787
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.ssjd.ca

MAY Victoria/Taiama Partnership

This charitable project was co-founded by Eric Sama (a member of the congregation of the Church of St. John the Divine). It provides medicinal, educational, and cultural supports to the Taiama community in Sierra Leone.

Website: http://www.taiama.org/about-us/annual-reports


PEERS Victoria Resource Society is a non-profit society established by former sex workers and community supporters. It provides support, resources and programs for past and current sex workers of all genders, such as help with housing, education, and advocacy services etc.

Tel: 250-388-5325
Email: [email protected].ca
Website: http://www.safersexwork.ca/

JULY Threshold Housing

Threshold Housing Society was founded in 1990 by a group of concerned Anglican parishioners to address the transitional housing needs of youth aged between 16 and 21 years who are at risk of homelessness. The Society provides supportive programming in the several homes it owns, and a new initiative which helps youth who are renters in private rooms or suites. Threshold Housing Society was incorporated as a charitable society under the BC Societies Act in March 1990.

Tel: 250 383 8830
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://thresholdhousing.ca

AUGUST Refugees

This envelope is designated for the support of refugee families sponsored by the Church of St. John the Divine.

SEPTEMBER Food Bank at St. John’s

The Food Bank at St. John’s provides staple food items to those in need in our community.

OCTOBER Out of the Rain

The Out of the Rain Youth Night Shelter is a community project, providing shelter to homeless youth during the coldest months of the year. A coalition of community agencies, faith-based organizations, businesses, and individual volunteers work together to provide space, professional support, and food for the shelter. The shelter rotates among host sites in the community. Out of the Rain volunteers support staff as helpers or cook hot meals.

Tel: 250-415-3856 (During shelter hours)
Coordinator Phone: 250-884-3701
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.outoftherainvictoria.ca/content/contact

NOVEMBER RILL/Aboriginal Neighbours

Aboriginal Neighbours is an ecumenical organization initiated by the Anglican Diocese of British Columbia. The organization was formed out of its members’ concerns for the First Peoples and the future of aboriginal children. Revitalization of Indigenous Languages: a Gift to Future Generations (RIL) was started by the Aboriginal Neighbours Group in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Report, Call to Action # 61 that calls upon church parties to the Settlement Agreement to establish permanent funding for culture and language revitalization projects. Undertaken in conjunction with the First People’s Cultural Council, the RILL project supports elders who are fluent speakers of their language to work with apprentices, as mentors, and to pass along the language that was taken from so many in the residential schools.

Tel: 250-595-1786
Website: http://aboriginalneighbours.org/contact

DECEMBER Rector’s Discretionary Fund

This provides the rector with money that he can give away and use at his discretion. It could be to help a family in the parish whose house burned down. It could be used to buy a sandwich for a street person. It allows the parish to help people quietly and gives the rector a budget that he can use as he sees fit without getting approval from wardens, parish council, or vestry.